Seamless Solution Design-to-Delivery

Stop Scope Creep and Preserve your Gross Margin

How Lanetix can Improve your
Solution Design-to-Delivery Process

Interconnected Processes
Effective solution design-to-delivery is a composite of processes with numerous stage/gates and post-mortems along the way. Lanetix brings all internal stakeholders across the commercial operations together to drive accountability, improve transparency and accelerate time-to-value.
Collaborative Stage Gates
Is the project on track to exceed its EBIDTA target? Has the original finance team approved this stage of the project? Lanetix’s stage/gate module helps operational teams offer their insight and arrive at actionable go/no-go decisions.
Eliminate the Time Buffer
Just like the assembly line with a pile of scrap metal in the corner, LSPs have their buffers, too…only they’re time buffers to operational processes, needlessly extending projects, creating waste and risking customer delays. Lanetix eliminates this by bringing all stakeholders onto a common plan with clear measurable goals.
Identify Upsell Opportunities
With their close customer relationships and deep immersion in customer projects, LSP operational teams are often the first to spot the next opportunity. Lanetix streamlines the upsell process by empowering operational teams to create a “Customer Inquiry” record and quickly route it to the right business development team.
Bring your Lean Processes to Life
Lanetix features a portfolio view of projects, allowing operational managers to capture at a glance insight of their book of business. Green projects are on track, yellow are at risk, while gray are at risk of growing stale. Furthermore, built-in notification rules ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.
Delight your PE Investors
Very few private equity investors are comfortable waiting until the end of the quarter to learn if a portfolio company delivered on its commitment. With Lanetix, commercial leaders can quickly gauge their progress and provide data-driven insight and real-time progress reports to their private equity investors, helping everyone sleep at night.
There are a lot of CRM's out there and they're good at gathering contact information, but actually capturing the customer's needs and translating it into a solution design that they can price and deliver in a timely basis -- with all of the complex ecosystem that touches the solution design process -- that's what differentiates Lanetix.
Tom Nightingale
Lanetix Board of Advisors
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