Bring New Products and Services to Market Faster

Offer True Differentiation in a Fast-Changing Market

How Lanetix accelerates Product Innovation

Drive Innovation from Insights
Your marketing teams do their homework: they run workshops, observe your customers and gather market intelligence. Turn this insight into new product innovation by bringing your teams together in a workflow modeled after the most innovative companies in the world.
Collaborative Stage Gates
Process stage gates are an important part of the innovation process; this is where you make go/no-go decisions. However, who has the time to participate in long conference calls? Lanetix automates stage gates to help your teams reach collaborative decisions in minutes, not hours.
Capture your Institutional Knowledge
Your most important asset walks in and out your door every day. So, how do you capture the institutional knowledge of your most experienced team members? Lanetix allows you to develop process models that mimic how your most experienced members work and make decisions, allowing you to retain your most valuable assets.
Auto-Generated Timelines
Assembly lines have their scrap piles, that is, buffers of extra material. Your service organization has the same buffers, only they’re unnecessary increments of time built into your processes. Lanetix allows you remove buffers by auto-generating timelines. Input a few data points and Lanetix tells you how long it will take to bring a product to market.
Platform for Innovation Centers
Sure, you’ve invested in your innovation center, but how do you tap into the suggestions that originate from the far corners of your enterprise? Lanetix serves as a platform for your Innovation Center, turning your “suggestion box” into a powerful workflow solution to prioritize, route, quantify and execute innovation across your business.
Visual PMO Tool for Process Management
Process management is a collaborative effort. Unfortunately, today’s PM solutions are outdated. Who has time to read through data to see if a project is on schedule? Lanetix’ user interface / design includes color-coded status, so PMs can visualize timelines and quickly identify the projects that are on track, at risk or stale.
Lanetix brings order and process to streamline and launch products. Lanetix takes things off your plate, so you can do game-changing thinking... project management, dashboards, timelines... it doesn't take 25 attempts to execute a process, you do it once.
Pat McGauley
Vice President of Innovation, AB/InBev
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