Enterprise Collaboration

For Six Sigma, Lean and Continuous Improvement

Why Lanetix is the Best Choice
for Logistics CI and Lean Processes

Performance Benchmarks
Are you sure you know your top performers? Lanetix removes the guesswork with an enterprise-wide approach to developing performance benchmarks for every role in your operations, so you know which teams are leading… and which ones are lagging.
A/B Test your Processes
Most of us know about A/B testing emails text and website copy, to see what will drive the highest results. But what about A/B testing your processes? Divide your topperforming teams in two groups and put them against one another with different
processes in Lanetix. Stand back.
Align Incentive Programs
Armed with objective performance data, you can align your incentive plans to reward the right behavior with achievable, measurable targets. The end result? Increased engagement and metrics that motivate.
On-Demand Training
How much time do you spend on process training, only to find that teams go back to their same “bad habits.” Lanetix embeds process training in the software, so your team has fingertip access to training modules, when they need it.
Stage/Gate Collaboration
Are your stage/gates synonymous with long conference calls? Lanetix automates and expedites stage/gates with smart questionnaires so you can spend your time discussing exceptions and corner cases, not every single project.
Continuous Improvement
Tired of spending thousands on Continuous Improvement consultants or advisory firms? Lanetix enables you to roll out your own best practice business process, and a system administrator (not IT) can update your workflows at any point you need to streamline or enhance them.
What I've seen in Lanetix in terms of Kanban visualization, stage/gates and the ability to create your own processes to scale throughout the organization... is one of the best examples I've seen in the industry.
Mike Simon
Principal, Defined Logic
Chief Information Officer (former), Yusen Logistics
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