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Why Lanetix Collaboration Software
is the Best Choice for Logisitics

Model any Operational Process
There’s how you manage your tenders, pipelines and solutions today…and how you would like to manage them tomorrow. Lanetix lets you model your operational processes based on your best practices, so the entire commercial operations team marches to the same drum beat.
Get More from Your CRM
Invested a lot of time and money in your CRM? Lanetix works “in front of your CRM” by automating the bid desk workflow and “after your CRM” by streamlining the solution design and delivery processes. Plus, if you’re using SalesCloud by, we can leverage the same customer objects and accelerate the integration.
Tasks for the Way You Work
Tasks are far more than checking a box for “Did you call the customer?” At Lanetix, we believe that tasks should update EBITDA models, assess risk, conduct post-mortems and improve forecast accuracy.
Top-Down Visibility
With structured collaboration from Lanetix, commercial leaders can look across their portfolio of projects to quickly identify tenders, RFPs, opportunities or customer onboarding initiatives that are on track, at risk or stale.
Ensure Compliance
When an entire team follows a structured workflow at Lanetix, managers can rest assured that they’re fully compliant with regulatory guidelines and local laws, helping everyone sleep well at night.
All too often, LSPs offer process training to new hires, but then the new hires quickly learn “how business is really done.” Lanetix takes the approach of embedding bite-sized training modules in the workflows, so anyone in the organization can watch a quick refresher on the process…at the time at which it’s most relevant.
Collaboration is evolving. It's no longer about one-to-one collaboration. Instead it's collaboration on a grander scale which is enabled by technology.
Lisa Harrington
University of Maryland
Lecturer, University of Maryland
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