Logistics is about Customer Lifecycles,

Much more than just customer relationships

Why Lanetix for Logistics is better
than "1-size-fits-all CRM"

Trade Lane-level Insight
Hitting your margin targets depends on selling the right services in the right trade lanes at the right prices to the right companies. Only Lanetix allows you to model millions of trade lane combinations to get precision-level intelligence and drive specific rep behavior that will improve gross margin across your operations.
Integration with TMS and WMS
Lanetix comes with a powerful integration tool to connect with leading TMS and WMS systems, including Mercury Gate. For LSPs seeking faster, near-real-time integration, Lanetix runs on the AppCloud by Salesforce.com which supports Jitterbit, a cloud-based integration service that connects AppCloud with hundreds of apps, including most TMS and WMS systems.
Improve Customer Accountability
Lanetix knows the pain of customer ‘fall downs’ when carriers and forwarders can’t hold customers accountable to their volume commitments. As a result, Lanetix offers dashboards to document expected volume with actual volume, improving customer accountability.
Integrated with Outlook… and other emails
Lanetix comes with out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail and Apple Mail, reducing double entry of customer meetings. With on-demand email sync, reps can decide which emails are archived in the CRM.
Use Piers/JOC Data to Win Deals
Lanetix takes Piers/JOC data – as well as data from other third-party Internet sources – and presents it in insightful customer records and actionable dashboards.
Inspire Millennial Sales Reps
An interesting trend: millennial sales reps often ask to evaluate internal IT systems before accepting full-time jobs. Lanetix helps you turn your IT systems into a job retention strategy. With its bright, intuitive user interface, Lanetix brings a Facebook-like experience to your commercial operations IT infrastructure.
Accelerate Time-to-Quote
Too many LSPs lose deals because of the delays in getting timely, accurate quotes in front of customers. Lanetix solves this pain with integrated sales-to-pricing workflows that provide near instantaneous pricing and approvals, speeding time-to-quote and improving win rates.
Replace Freight Brokerage Swivel Chairs
Your freight brokerage sales reps swivel back and forth between the TMS and CRM, only to find that neither does both jobs very well. Lanetix brings them together with intelligent quoting and auto-archiving of every quote within the customer file.
Let's say you had a trade lane at 85% utilization and if you could increase it to 90%, your gross margin would go up 45%, wouldn't you want to focus your sales force on filling that gap, instead of selling everything to everyone? Unfortunately, today's CRM's don't do that...but Lanetix does it and no one else does...and no one else is even close.
Art Mesher
CEO, Descartes Systems Group (former)
Analyst, Gartner Group (former)
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