Bring Order to Bid Desk Chaos

Focus on bids that drive the highest margin

How Lanetix can Streamline your Logistics Bid Desk

Use Data to Make Decisions
You know the drill…You receive a tender which will be hard to win, and if you do, you probably won’t earn margin. What happens? The sales rep insists on responding because he has a “great relationship.” Lanetix helps you make decisions based on data, not emotions, hunches or histories.
Intelligent Questionnaires
Lanetix taps into the collective expertise of your entire commercial operations team. For example, why not ask your controller to answer four key questions about the financial risk of each tender? Weigh those responses with smart algorithms to make decisions faster.
No More Bid Review Calls
Lanetix applies an intelligent algorithm to arrive at collective go/no-go decisions. A score of green moves forward into the bid response workflow, while red is stopped in its tracks and yellow may require management approval to move to the next stage. The end-result? Faster decision-making and happier customers.
Embed Within your CRM
Lanetix can be embedded within your CRM. As specific opportunities move into a stage in the pipeline, a stage/gate workflow is triggered, bringing in experts across your organization to participate in the decision-making process.
Streamline each Bid Response
Once you’ve determined the strategic fit and risk profile of each bid, Lanetix triggers a bid response workflow. This means that tasks are auto-assigned across your organization to ensure that the response is prepared on time, according to schedule.
Bid Desk Trello Board
Bid desk managers are masters of coordination, so Lanetix makes their job easier with a visually stunning Bid Desk Trello Board. With one glance, bid desk managers can see bids in each stage of the process and easily identify responses that are at risk or growing stale.
One of the things I like about Lanetix is that it solves a problem that's really important... it gets out in front of the process by understanding who is my customer and whether or not I can make money.
Art Mesher
CEO, Descartes Systems Group (former)
Analyst, Gartner Group (former)
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