Get off Those Conference Calls and Shut Down Excel

End-to-end Process Visibility for your solution design-to-delivery team

Why Lanetix is the best choice
for Solutions and Operations

Eliminate Scope Creep
You’ve fought to win the deal, but the project stalls and its profitability is at risk. Lanetix streamlines the information hand-off from sales to operations, helping to keep your projects on track…and in the black.
Focus on the Right Activities
Lanetix brings intuitive collaborative stage gates to your operations team, so you can turn your weekly conference calls into productive discussions about the projects and activities that need your attention.
Accelerate Time-to-Value
Logistics customers consistently cite 3PL speed-of-execution as a driver in their purchase decisions. Lanetix gives you an edge by supporting your workflows so you can deliver solutions faster and delight your customers.
Powerful Timeline Visualizations
You don’t have time to read dozens of emails to determine the status of your portfolio of projects. Lanetix organizes active projects by color codes to indicate which ones are on track, at-risk or stale.
Collaborate with Pricing and Finance
Solution design and delivery goes faster when the pricing and finance teams collaborate as a team. With Lanetix’ notification options, you can keep finance informed of changes in status, risks or potential delays.
Forecast with Confidence
Lanetix’ visual interface provides at-a-glance access to project forecasts, helping you assure leadership —and private equity owners— that your projects are on track and the company will meet its customer commitments.
The worst thing for a sales person isn't losing a deal to the competition, but losing it because the customer's expectations did not match the solution that was designed. ...that's a sales person's worst nightmare.
Tom Nightingale
Lanetix Board of Advisors
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