Control Risk, Get Visibility, Sleep at Night

Bring order and process with workflows and collaboration

Why Lanetix is the best choice
for Finance, Compliance and Legal

Streamline Customer Contracts and SOPs
If you’re like most LSPs, you spend far too much time in your inbox looking for attachments for the right contract. Lanetix offers a suite of contract development, update and renewal workflows that give managers powerful visual tools to ensure projects are moving forward…and nothing falls through the cracks.
Forecast in the Metrics that Matter
Your revenue forecast is much more than volume times price. Lanetix’ exclusive focus on the logistics industry helps you forecast in the metrics that matter, whether you’re in value-added warehousing forecasting EBITDA or a freight forwarding forecasting in TEUs.
Compliance Workflows to Reduce Risk
You train your workforce and hope they remember to do the right thing. Lanetix helps you sleep at night by offering a suite of compliance workflows to ensure that customs clearance, hazmat, HIPAA and regulated projects comply with state, federal and EU laws.
Leverage Stage Gates to Ensure Compliance
Stage gates provide a powerful vehicle for ensuring compliance and reducing risk in any process. These collective go/no-go decision points are critical in any lean process. Lanetix offers an intuitive, collaborative platform to streamline stage gates, boosting productivity while reducing lengthy conference calls.
Integrate Trade Management and Carrier Teams
Far too often, trade management teams evaluate customs data to set pricing, while carriers in freight brokerage are under enormous pressure to set the best price with little or no context. Lanetix brings these teams together through a common collaboration platform to speed up decision-making and information-sharing.
Pricing and Gross Margin Analytics
In logistics, some say “data is the new oil,” so its not surprising that finance managers are turning to Lanetix to analyze pricing and gross margin trends over time to identify market opportunities and ways to reduce costs. Lanetix’ flexible customer control tower provides unparalleled oversight for data-gathering and analysis.
As a CFO, I view my role as a business enabler...and Lanetix provides a platform for our commercial operations, so the approach of our top performers - and the guidelines of our compliance programs - are shared and woven into the day-to-day routines of our customer-facing teams.
Dan Ludwig
SVP and Chief Financial Officer
Toll Global Forwarding
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