So Much More Than a CRM

A solution for your entire Commercial Operations

Why Lanetix is the best choice
for Bus Dev & Account Teams

Prioritizing the Right Bids
More bids, shorter contracts and multiple revisions. Sound familiar? Lanetix helps you identify and prioritize the right bids, so you focus resources on the opportunities that will result in the highest gross margin.
Accelerating Speed-to-Respond
Once you’ve prioritized the right bids, Lanetix manages your responses as a series of interconnected workflows. Faster and more comprehensive responses help increase your win rate.
Selling at the Trade Lane Level
What’s a CRM without trade lane-level opportunity pipeline? We don’t know either. Lanetix’ focus on the customer lifecycle helps you direct your sales teams to focus on the right services in the right trade lanes.
Integrated Carrier-Facing Modules
Lanetix brings your carrier and business-facing teams closer together on the same platform. Your reps can quickly quote the right price and win the business ahead of your competition.
Spot Market & Contracts…in the Same Platform
You no longer have to choose between a sales solution for your transactional spot market reps and a CRM for your longer-term contracted customers. Lanetix brings them together in the same integrated platform.
Cross-Sell and Upsell Services
Lanetix takes cross-selling and upselling from promise to reality with its integrated workflows, turning your operations teams as well as your distributed account teams in remote offices and divisions into invaluable lead sources.
Let's say you had a trade lane at 85% utilization and if you could increase it to 90%, your gross margin would go up 45%, wouldn't you want to focus your sales force on filling that gap, instead of selling everything to everyone? Unfortunately, today's CRM's don't do that...but Lanetix does it and no one else does...and no one else is even close.
Art Mesher
CEO, Descartes Systems Group (former)
Analyst, Gartner Group (former)
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