Lanetix for Contract Logistics & Warehousing
is “CRM on Steroids”

Get everyone in your commercial operations —
sales, finance, contracts, project management, engineering, HR and pricing—
on the same page.

Why Lanetix is the best choice for Warehousing Firms

Boost your EBIDTA
Standardize on best practices, unify your workforce to target accounts, reduce risk in onboarding and minimize “scope creep”
Standardize your Best Practices
Assess and prioritize new business opportunities based on data…not just “great relationships.”
Guarantee Compliance
Improve productivity and drive compliance by applying a consistent, global workflow standard across operations.
Turn off Email and Excel
Review and complete work in the 3PL In-Box, organized based on priority with context to speed decision-making.
Smart Qualification
Rigorously qualify RFP with Lanetix Stage Gate to make objective decisions based on data based on risk, strategic fit and projected margin.
Capture your Tribal Knowledge
Navigate away from tribal knowledge by leveraging the expertise of your organization to improve quality, transparency, and performance.
Lanetix has a winning CRM and salesforce automation solution for 3PLs. It combines customer relationship management, project management, and team collaboration into one well thought-out application. This is why we recommend it to our 3PL clients.
Evan Armstrong
Managing Director, Armstrong & Associates
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