Precision-level Selling and Service Delivery

Sell and deliver the right services in the right trade lane at the right margin

Why Lanetix is the best choice for Freight Forwarders

Trade Lane-Level Insight
Leverage trade lane and port pair templates to provide precision-level intelligence, so you know where to compete in the most profitable trade lanes.
Prioritize Tenders by Winability and Risk
Quickly and systematically qualify your Tenders to ensure you only invest in the most profitable deals.
Accelerate Tender Responses
Streamline your global tender response process to reduce costs, speed up time-to-respond, and improve competitiveness.
Smart Quoting
Get fast and accurate quotes with cloud-based integration with your TMS and rate engine to improve forecasting and gain analytical insight.
Structured Collaboration
Ensure operational success with a strong process and structured collaboration across teams, especially when it comes to SOP’s and post mordems.
No IT Needed
Lanetix is administered by your business analyst, without writing a line of code, so you are in control and can easily make quick adjustments.
Lanetix offers the right solutions, works together with the right partners and applies the right skills to integrate complex systems; that is what customers want these days.
Reinhard Lange
Lanetix Board of Directors, Investor
Former CEO, Kuehne + Nagel
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