Lanetix aligns both your customer-facing proposition development process and internal-facing solution engineering process, so your entire team is informed of the project’s success criteria, tasks, schedule and deliverables required to bring a new project from concept to production…and from bookings to revenue.


Lanetix provides a visual step-by-step depiction of the project complete with dependencies, reducing scope creep and miscommunication.  Lanetix makes the service and product catalogs more accessible to solution designers, shortening solution development cycles, pushing work to back-office functions earlier.  Lanetix structures the involvement of product and regions in solution sales cycles, embedding decision gates in solutioning cycles earlier to ensure operational buy-in from stakeholders.


  • Reduce scope creep by ensuring that the solution is designed is the solution that your customer bought.
  • Eliminate miscommunications by streamlining the hand-off and approval process between departments
  • Drive real-time collaboration through Lanetix Conversations, embedded chat services that provide contextual and permanent audit trails
  • Expedite approvals and checks from finance departments by modelling credit verifications and financial checks as workflows in Lanetix.
  • Access at-a-glance project timelines with visualizations to assist with quick decision-making and status assessments.

Key Features