Focus on the right RFP and tender opportunities by driving collective decision-making and scoring each opportunity based on strategic fit, winnability, risk and profitability, as well as other factors.


Lanetix manages the complex process of preparing bid responses through its data models and workflows which streamline the process of collecting, validating and refining rate, capacity and lead-time information from regional or central product teams, distributed field offices and hundreds of remote stations


  • Prioritize the right tenders and bids to increase win rates based on data, not subjective opinions.
  • Reduce time- and cost-to-respond of global tenders resulting in improved customer satisfaction and responsiveness
  • Improve accuracy of pricing, increasing gross margin
  • Create a culture of continuous learning by executing vigorous post mortems on all won and lost deals
  • Maintain a virtual library of tenders and bids as a resource
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel by providing collective access to “like” and previous tenders and bids

Key Features