Finally, an out-of-the-box, all-in-one CRM with no customization required. Everything a freight broker and an asset-owning trucking carrier needs to manage relationships with shippers and carriers, improve gross margin while streamlining the QBR process from weeks to hours. A full suite of opportunity management, bringing transactional spot market quotes together with contracted rates, on the same CRM platform.


Best-in-class operational workflows, available to use on Day One, for managing your sales pipeline, managing carriers, developing an account strategy, preventing churn during those first critical 90 days, even exploring damages and retaining your best drivers.


  • Contacts, Shippers, Carriers, Opportunities, RFP’s and Cases – all configured for the needs of today’s growing freight broker and road carrier
  • Carrier QBR’s to structure and streamline your carrier relatinships
  • Driver Retention workflows to ensure you’re protecting one of your most important assets, your drivers
  • Damage Awareness workflows to log incidents from your mobile devices and manage exceptions, without overburdening your claims management process
  • No professional services required. Everything you need is pre-configured to add value from Day One
  • “CRM Innovation of the Year,” according to EyeforTransport



Key Features