Workflows drive Compliance and Results

People, Process and Technology

How Lanetix Workflows can
Accelerate your Logistics Business

Standardize Best Practices
Model your workflows in Lanetix to deliver consistent results, without expensive consultants or relying on IT resources.
Intelligent Task Management
Lanetix lets you assign work based on expertise – not job title – since the person who knows the most about pricing may be the new commercial manager.
A-B Test Your Workflows
Run two workgroups with two workflows in Lanetix, wait 30 days and compare results. Lanetix lets you compare outcomes to determine optimal results.
Intuitive and Graphical Time Lines
Uninstall Microsoft Project and dial up Lanetix time lines to intuitively monitor progress and determine which projects are on schedule.
Integration with Outlook
Stay informed with an integrated calendar and email synchronization, so you have one view of pending activities and events, from desktop to tablet.
Point-and-Click Administration
Business analysts – not software developers or engineers – administer Lanetix. Creating workflows is as easy as setting up a LinkedIn page.
CRM's are based on one workflow, the Opportunity Management process... but logistics relies on thousands of processes. With our workflow-based approach to collaboration, we support fast transactional processes like quoting freight or complex processes like on-boarding a Fortune 500 global warehousing project.
Troy Goode
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