You own and control your solution design

With Lanetix, no IT is needed

Lanetix for Logistics.

You Know Your Business Better Than Anyone!
Lanetix believes that you know your business better than anyone? With Lanetix, you can tailor systems to support your workflows in a matter of hours or days, not weeks or months.
No Coding Required
Lanetix is designed to be run and managed by a business analyst with no programming or software coding skills. In fact, our customers tell us that setting up workflows in Lanetix is as easy as writing an Excel macro.
A/B Test Your Processes
We all know about A/B testing your website to determine which text and graphics drive the highest engagement. What if you could do the same thing with your business processes? Consultants would gladly charge you exorbitant fees to run a test. Do it yourself with Lanetix.
Legacy CRM Software vs. Facebook’s Software in Lanetix
The reality is that despite new screens, most CRMs are legacy software code, brought to market in the late 1990s. As a result, customers have to spend thousands integrating and bringing in outside consultants to make changes. Lanetix is written in the same software code as Facebook, and your system administrators can quickly and easily make changes. Talk about scale!
The unfortunate reality is that many consulting companies make a nice profit by telling companies to buy a CRM and then throwing out 90% of what they bought... Lanetix believes you know your business better than anyone and a business analyst on your team should be able to implement workflows as easily as setting up a LinkedIn page.
John Golob
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Amelia Island, FL
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