Lanetix on Every Mobile Device

Smart Phone, Laptop, Tablet and Desktop

Lanetix runs on every type of device
from Tablet to Smartphone

From Desktop to Tablet
Lanetix supports a range of computing environments from desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
Mobile First
Lanetix’ consistent two-column visual design provides the same look-and-feel across the range of mobile devices.
Android and iPhone
Lanetix runs on smartphones, ranging from Android and iPhone so your logistics team can stay connected from any corner of the globe.
Integrated with Microsoft Outlook
If you rely on your smart phone with email, then stay connected with Lanetix’ full integration with Microsoft Outlook.
Take advantage of Lanetix’ geo-mapping features, so mobile logistics teams can pinpoint customer locations in Google Maps.
Remote Notification Engines
Stay informed with Lanetix’ rules-based notification engine, so you’re informed when tasks are assigned or require escalation.
Logistics is defined by mobility, so its natural that Lanetix runs your choice of mobile platforms, from desktops and iPhones to laptops and IPads.
Troy Goode
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