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How Lanetix Insights can drive Margin

Out-of-the-Box Pipeline Reports
Your team’s productivity is key to your success, so Lanetix includes standard out-of-thebox pipeline reports to track KPIs, scorecards, SOPs and performance indicators, along with the standard sales pipeline metrics.
Future Expected Volumes
Lanetix knows the pain of negotiating volume purchase agreements, only to learn you can’t keep them accountable. We bring ‘future expected volumes’ into the hands of your business teams to reduce fall downs and enforce customer commitments.
‘Power to the People’ with LxViews
Lanetix is designed with the goal of giving end-users the ability to quickly sort, index, manipulate and present data, without Excel pivot tables and tabbing across to an outside BI report. LxViews brings powerful querying tools into the hands of end-users.
Leveraging PIERS data
PIERS data provides rich insight as long as you know Excel and can turn it into valuable business insight, but unfortunately, most of us don’t. Lanetix allows you to leverage PIERS data to unlock trade lane-level insight, compare customers operating data with industry vertical benchmarks.
On-Demand Executive Dashboards
You don’t have time to open a BI report to quickly see if your projects are on track, so Lanetix brings on-demand executive dashboards with a “portfolio view” across your book of business and clear visual indicators to see project status as easily as the colors of a traffic light.
Data Warehouse at Warehouse Prices (<$10K)
Data warehouses used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and years to implement. With the power of the cloud, Lanetix can spin up a powerful data warehouse at a warehouse price, and provide powerful insight for your business users.
The most transformational software products often mask their power with simplicity. Software products should be simple-to-use and simple-to-understand, but behind the scenes performing incredibly complex tasks. Anyone off the street should be able to pick up an iPad with Lanetix and within minutes, understand how to use the solution.
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