With the costs of deploying cloud-based collaboration solutions lower than ever, logistics service providers can deploy Lanetix to bring their common goals, plans, and teams into even greater alignment with their customers, including retailers and e-commerce firms around the world.
William Fisher
Lanetix Board of Directors, Investor
Board Member, Gap (NYSE: GPS)
Board Member, Lanetix
William Fisher, one of three sons of Gap founders Donald and Doris Fisher, helped export the Gap brand to Canada, Japan and Europe as the founding executive of its international division. He sit on the boards of Lanetix and Gap, the company his parents started as a jeans-and-music store in 1969.
When companies like Lanetix even the playing field, its a real opportunity for the smaller firms to compete against bigger companies.
Sean Fernandez
XPO Logistics
Chief Operating Officer (former)
Sean Fernandez' career in logistics spans more than 20 years, most recently as COO of XPO Logistics, where he grew the business from $180 million to over $2 billion through organic growth and acquisitions.
18% of gross margin in logistics contracts are never realized because of scope creep.
Lisa Harrington
University of Maryland
Lecturer, University of Maryland
Lisa is a senior lecturer and research fellow at the Robert H. Smith school of business at the University of Maryland.  Lisa also advises logistics companies in supply chain consulting, including strategy, best practices, operational and maturity models, management architecture design, network design, operations improvement and risk management.
There are a lot of CRM's and they're good at keeping contact information, but they don't capture customers needs and translate them into solutions. Lanetix plays a role that I've never seen another play... truly differentiated.
Tom Nightingale
Lanetix Board of Advisors
Tom Nightingale is the President and CEO of International Package Shipping and Polonez Parcel Service. He was the President of GENCO's Transportation Logistics, acquired by FedEx for $1.4 billion. Before this, he was CMO of Con-way (acquired by XPO for $3 billion), one of the largest transportation providers in the world.
The difference between the traditional, tactical, typical forwarder and a quality 3PL today is in the ability to answer the “How do you know?” questions...
Bill Aldridge
Allport Cargo Services USA
Bill Aldridge is currently co-founder and President of Allport Cargo Services USA. Bill started his career on the ocean carrier side of the business with Hapag-Lloyd and American President Lines and later spent 5 years in Hong Kong leading APL’s consolidation entity, ACS. In 1996, he founded United States Consolidation Ltd. which he sold to Exel/DHL in 2002 and in the past 10 years has held several executive level positions leading the end to end supply products for global forwarders Kuehne + Nagel and Ceva Logistics.
Logistics providers and their customers are quickly realizing the benefits of Lanetix to better manage the efficiency and effectiveness of their relationships. Lanetix offers a key to managing the increasing complexity of the global marketplace.
C. John Langley, Jr., Ph.D.
Lanetix Board of Advisors
Penn State University, Smeal College of Business, Supply Chain Center of Excellence
Author of 20th Annual State of the Logistics Industry Report
Dr. Langley is a former President of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and authored several books, including the textbook, Supply Chain Management: A Logistics Perspective. He is lead author of the annual Third Party Logistics Study, and recently completed the 2015 26th Annual 3PL Study.
Let's say you have a trade lane with 80% utilization and if you got it up to 90% utilization, you'd increase margin by 40%, would't you want to focus on your sales reps on selling services in those trade lane? Lanetix stands alone... and no one is even close.
Art Mesher
CEO, Descartes Systems Group (former)
Analyst, Gartner Group (former)
Art was the CEO of Descartes Systems Group where he spearheaded the company’s turnaround from large losses to awarding-winning accolades and financial performance. During his tenure, Descartes was awarded Best Canadian Corporation (from Canadian Business magazine) and Best Business Turnaround (International Business Awards) in 2006, along with winning one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures (from Waterstone Human Capital) in 2012
Lanetix offers the right solutions, works together with the right partners and applies the right skills to integrate complex systems; that is what customers want these days.
Reinhard Lange
Lanetix Board of Directors, Investor
Former CEO, Kuehne + Nagel
Over the course of a 40+ year career that culminated as CEO of Kuehne + Nagel International AG, Reinhard Lange led the company to become one of the most successful logistics companies in the world with over 63,000 employees at more than 1,000 locations in over 100 countries.
Lanetix does what SAP was supposed to do 30 years ago, streamline the processes that aren't addressed by traditional ERP and CRM.
Lynn Fritz
Lanetix Board of Advisors
Lynn Fritz is a founding father of modern logistics. He served as the founder, Chairman and CEO of Fritz Companies until May 2001 when it was acquired by UPS for $450 million. Today, he’s the Chairman and CEO of the Fritz Institute, a leading organization in humanitarian logistics delivering aid more effectively in the chaos of disasters.
Lanetix customer lifecycle solutions follow a workflow-based approach and allow LSPs to streamline processes, align tasks and increase collaboration across stakeholders...another way of saying it, Lanetix is CRM on steroids!
Chris Saynor
Lanetix Board of Advisors
eft Supply Chain & Logistics Intelligence
Chris pioneers innovative marketing strategies to reach the supply chain and logistics industry. As the former CEO of eyefortransport, Chris developed eft into the world’s leading logistics business intelligence company, organising CEO-level events around the world and specializing in cutting edge research, marketing strategy, M&A strategy and managing millennials.
Where a CRM falls down is how it integrates with the contextual data around trade lanes, bid management and contracts. Lanetix doesn't look to pull this from other places; it has it built into the Lanetix platform itself.
Mike Simon
Principal, Defined Logic
Chief Information Officer (former), Yusen Logistics
Mike Simon worked for IBM before joining Yusen Logistics as its Chief Information Officer.  More recently, Mike is a partner with Defined Logic, a leading IT consulting company that focusses on business and IT transformation, revenue growth, profitability, process excellence, IT service management and managed business and IT services.

A mobile and collaborative all-in-one platform built to streamline your commercial operations.

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The Lanetix Difference

Our Exclusive Focus: Logistics

Lanetix doesn’t try to be “everything to everyone.” We are obsessed with the logistics and transportation industry. What keeps us awake at night? How we can help 3PLs and carriers improve their margins, sell more services and increase the productivity of their teams.
We Know Logistics

Much More than CRM

CRM helps reps update a forecast, but it doesn’t provide order to the chaos of bid desks or reduce the scope creep of the customer on-boarding process. Lanetix offers solutions to streamline, integrate and optimize your entire commercial operations team in the cloud, on the desktop, smartphone or tablet.
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Fastest Time-to-Value

Your business moves at the speed of information, so you can’t afford to wait months – and spend thousands – for IT or third party systems integrators to update your systems when processes change. Lanetix is designed for business users (with or without help from IT) to update, administer and change business processes, in real time.
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What makes Lanetix the best solution for LSPs?

Standardize your Best Practices

Take the “special sauce” that drives your highest margin – your specialized service, the most profitable trade lanes, the focus on vertical segments – and make it your SOP, so everyone follows the same playbook.

Top-Down Process Visibility

“You can’t improve what you can’t measure,” said quality guru W. Edwards Deming. Lanetix gives commercial leaders visibility across the most important front office processes – from tender responses to solution design and delivery.

Structured Collaboration

Your business functions best when employees work as a team and “speak with one voice,” explained Professor John Langley from Penn State School of Supply Chain Research. Lanetix gives structure to collaboration and a welcome relief from email hell.

Choose your Cloud

Windows or Mac? iPhone or Android? Lanetix gives you a choice. Looking for lower cost and scale? Lanetix runs on AWS. Prefer back-end cloud integration services from an enterprise cloud leader? Lanetix is available on AppCloud by Salesforce.com.