Changing the Meaning of IT

IT now means "Innovative Technology"

Why Lanetix is the best choice for IT Leaders

Investment by, the leading cloud computing company, invested in Lanetix to offer a custom solution to the logistics and transportation industry. Lanetix leverages the App Cloud service by to provide assurance and peace of mind to LSPs.
Build AND Buy
“Our 3PL sales processes are too unique. They can’t be supported by off-the-shelf software.” Sound familiar? Lanetix shatters this myth. IT teams can buy Lanetix and use its powerful process modeling tool to create workflows as unique as your logistics offer…as easily as setting up a LinkedIn page.
The Vertical Cloud: Our Exclusive Focus on Logistics
Some say the CRM market is in its fourth phase. First, mainframe; then client/server, followed by one-size-fits-all cloud CRM solutions. Now, companies like Lanetix are focusing on the needs of specific vertical industries such as logistics with the fourth wave of CRM: the vertical cloud.
We’ve Crossed the Chasm
Lanetix received over $26M in venture investment from, B-Capital / Boston Consulting Group, Jackson Square Ventures (the investors behind DocuSign) and Primera Capital (the investors behind GT Nexus). With a customer roster of top 10 LSPs, Lanetix is a safe bet for cautious IT leaders.
No Expensive Consultants Required
The market for consulting services is twice as large as the market cap. For years, companies such as Accenture have made a fortune by implementing CRM systems. Lanetix is designed for business analysts and IT — without outside consultants.
Engineering and Technical Talent
Lanetix’ engineering talent bench is deep and broad, including leading software developers from companies such as, Oracle and Google. They’ve created products and brought innovation to market which changed the way we work and returned billions to investors.
When there are companies like Lanetix that offer a solution that helps even the playing field, its a real opportunity to succeed... With IT as a strategic differentiator, you can look at how IT can help reps price products better or help carrier reps find qualified trucks faster.
Sean Fernandez
XPO Logistics
Chief Operating Officer (former)
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