The Lanetix Portfolio Manager


The Lanetix Portfolio Manager is a cloud-based CRM and workflow solution tailored to the unique demands of the logistics and transportation industry. We began with the question: what do end-users in the industry need to do their job? Today, the system supports:

  • A way for reps to manage a diverse portfolio of projects
  • Collaborative team-selling for dozens of contributors across multiple time zones
  • Forecasting in net profits, capacity, and volume
  • Projects that are just as dynamic after deployment as in the qualification stage
  • Pricing that spans multiple currencies and instantaneous price changes

See the Lanetix Portfolio Manager in action

Strategic Planning


The Cloud Technology Platform behind Lanetix: Salesforce1

Beyond industry-specific CRM and unique usability for the end-user, Lanetix has another key asset: its cloud-based system is built on the Salesforce1 platform—an industry leader responsible for the security of 100,000 companies and thousands of servers around the world. With Salesforce1, infrastructure management is eliminated, and the process of joining platforms or integrating content is made easy. It also means Lanetix shares the same security, governance, and data handling regimen as’s own applications.

The Portfolio Manager is a solution built to scale with growth and to work as seamlessly on a smartphone and tablet, as it does on a desktop.